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Cheers to 30 years
Medicated Bath
At North Scottsdale Animal Hospital, we deliver quality care and our grooming services are no exception. Our groomer Chris has been in the grooming field for 30 years. We make every effort to make sure your cat(s) are groomed according to your specifications. 
We provide the choice of oatmeal, hypoallergenic, de-shed, or aloe shampoo at no extra cost. Medicated baths can be provided at an additional cost however if the shampoo is supplied by the owner there will be no additional cost. 
Grooming services are available Wednesday through Saturday.
Additionally, if you need to combine a veterinary visit with a grooming appointment just let us know and we will schedule time accordingly.
The Details...
Grooming prices vary depending on the breed, size and condition of your pet.
Estimates will always be provided in advance.
Our groomer Chris is happy to meet with you at the time of your appointment to discuss the grooming style.
Please allow a minimum of 3-4 hours for your cat's grooming.
If your cat is not accustomed to being groomed, the doctors and/or medical staff will assess your cat(s) and discuss what options are available to perform the grooming as safely and stress-free as possible.
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