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Kennel Staff & Groomer

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Chris, Groomer

Chris loves dogs. She has been a groomer for over 33 years. She volunteers at a local shelter where she fosters dogs while owning 6 dogs of her own including two special needs pets. Her goal is to make grooming a pleasant as possible so that when your pet comes for a grooming appointment they wag their tails.

Frankie, Groomer

Frankie was born in Washington, DC but has lived all over Arizona from south Mesa all the way north to Cottonwood. She has a 12yr old Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix, a 3yr old Staffordshire mix, 2 cats, a tarantula, a 16yr old snake, and 3 aquariums with a variety of freshwater fish. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with all her critters, watching Disney movies, and spending time in her garden. Frankie found her passion for grooming when she first got her now senior pup, Poseidon, almost 12yrs ago and never looked back.

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