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Client Service Representatives

Client Services Representative

Presley is a true Arizonian, born and raised. Presley has always surrounded herself with pets, from dogs to cats, birds to snakes. She currently has three dogs, two cats, and a snake. Before joining NSAH, she was a front of house manager at a grooming salon. She has a true passion for helping others and loves your pets as if they were her own.

Client Services Representative

Adri was born and raised in the valley, and since a child has had a strong love for animals. Before NSAH she went through and completed a dog grooming program and managed a grooming salon for a short period. She got the (fur filled) taste of that life but quickly realized the dirt dog life wasn’t for her, however she couldn’t see herself not working in the animal field. She has 2 dogs and 3 cats that fill her heart but she still finds room for all of our patients!

Client Services Representative

Elisabeth is an Arizona native. She grew up in New River where she helped her family raise Appaloosa horses. She graduated from Arizona State University West. Her first career was working in education. She has always had a love of animals and is delighted to be in an environment that allows her to work alongside animals and the people who love them. She has two beautiful daughters and enjoys walking, baking, reading, movies, and traveling.

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I am the Director of Client Services.



No, I am the Director of Client Services.



Hi! My name is Bagel and I am a Pug. I am the baby of the Sosnow's family tree. My job consists of being cute, making other puppies feel welcome, and leaving crumbs for others to clean up. While some might say I have it pretty easy, I'd say I have the hardest job around the hospital. It's ruff to be this adorable all the time. I love meeting new people. Next time you are in, I would love to say hi!



Hello! I am Dr. Trupp's favorite pet and bestest companion. I am a Short-haired Pointer. I have the best nose in this hospital. I can smell treats from miles away and boy do I love treats! My favorite hospital activity is showing off my tricks. I can sit, stay, shake, bow, and mark. You could say I am spoiled, some would say demanding, but I know a good treat when I smell one. All of my friends throw my treats as high as they can so I can show off my jump!



Hi! I'm Dr. Josh's Airedale Terrier. I was born on November 15th 2014. My job at NSAH is to help puppies get their vaccines. Sometimes it can be scary in a new place but I try to make sure they feel right at home. I like to spend my days exploring the hospital and playing with the visitors that come and go.


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