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Medical Services

Veterinarian Scottsdale
Veterinarian Scottsdale
Veterinarian Scottsdale
       Our goal is to treat our patients with compassion using many of the latest advancements veterinary medicine has to offer. We utilize the most up-to-date research and technology to provide you and your dog(s) with care you want, and your dog(s) deserve. Providing comprehensive care means that we collaborate with other practitioners, specialists and research scientists to continue to improve our capabilities and enhance the relationship between you and your canines. The list below is just a sample of what we can provide:

We maintain an extensive inventory of pharmaceuticals, heartworm preventatives and nutraceuticals to meet the needs of your dog. We work closely with our local compounding pharmacies (i.e. Roadrunner Pharmacy, Diamondback Drugs and Avella) to provide novel pharmaceutical formulations which make administering medications easier.

Senior dogs, obese dogs and young healthy adults have different medical needs. We tailor our wellness programs to the needs of the individual. Preventative care, dietary counseling, and behavioral counseling are an integral part of designing a wellness program that improves your canine's quality of life.


On-site we have modern digital radiography and ultrasound capability. Our relationship with local specialists also allows us access to more advanced imaging including MRI, CT, fluoroscopy and endoscopy.

Lab Services

We have an extensive in-hospital laboratory suite which is complemented by the diagnostic services provided by local pathologists and one of the premier national laboratories, IDEXX labs.

We offer a full suite of dental services to manage and treat dogs with early to late stage periodontal disease.

Cancer therapy 

Caring for dogs who have cancer is never easy, but we provide state-of-the-art care in conjunction with our local oncologists at Arizona Veterinary Specialists in Gilbert, Arizona.


Chronic skin conditions and allergies can be a treatment and diagnostic challenge. Our doctors are very well versed at managing even the most stubborn conditions.

Infectious Disease/Endocrinology

Our doctors are very well versed at diagnosing and treating a variety of infectious and endocrine diseases. Whether your dog suffers from Valley Fever or has diabetes which is difficult to regulate, Dr. Josh, Dr. Sarah, or Dr. Trupp will provide the expertise and compassion necessary to treat you and your dog(s).

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